• Over this past year Chris has really helped to progress my skills in playing piano. He makes lessons enjoyable and fun but he also makes you work. Chris inspires me to keep on trying doing my best!

  • I appreciate the professionalism and patience, lessons are conducted in a pleasant atmosphere and Christopher quickly grabbed contact with my child. This is great fun for Wojtek and this is most important.
  •   Christopher is a good and very friendly teacher. It's been a month since I have started my first lesson with him, I enjoy it a lot and my skill is well improved. Awesome!!
  • Ri "Chris is likable, enthusiastic, patient and lets you learn whatever you want on the piano!  He teaches you in a style you understand and lets you take music one step at a time. I play Jazz and Blues piano and Chris has helped me enhance my skills.  I started Jazz piano Grade 3 recently and Chris has helped me understand the difficulties of Jazz AND still made it enjoyable and fun.  He is good at making you feel happy for what you have learnt. He sets homework on a regular basis, but it is easy enough (depending what level you are at) and he assess it and fixes mistakes calmly when you go to the next lesson. He is patient, respectful and always up for a challenge. All in all, I 100% recommend Chris as a piano teacher."
  •   Mark  "Chris is an excellent piano teacher. I am a 46-year-old beginner (!) and have been delighted with my progress with Chris. 
           His friendly, relaxed style makes each lesson fun and he tailors our sessions to suit my goals of taking exams and playing popular music. Each week he encourages me to go one step further with slightly more challenging pieces and push myself.
            I highly recommend Chris to anyone, young or old, who is interested in learning piano. If you would like further information, please contact Chris who can forward my mobile number and we can speak directly."